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How To Plan a Party Bus Winery Tour

A party bus winery tour is a unique way to combine the convenience of traveling and the excitement of discovering new wines. You can experience some of the best local vineyards without worrying about driving there yourselves. Lone Star Party Buses provides well-maintained buses and friendly drivers to safely get you to your destination. Here are several steps for planning a party bus winery tour:

1. Determine Your Preferred Wineries To Visit

Since the primary purpose of the party bus winery tour is sampling some great wines, the first step is researching wineries in your region. Let each group member provide suggestions so everyone is comfortable with the chosen wineries. Consider places with a welcoming atmosphere and a variety of wines to allow every person to find something they like. Check if they accommodate large groups and whether they require reservations. Determine the costs of reserving your slots, the times the wineries open, and other aspects specific to each winery. 

2. Choose the Right Bus For Your Group 

Once you have the list of wineries to visit, select a party bus to accommodate everyone comfortably. Consider the group's size and the type of amenities you need. At Lone Star Party Buses, we have party buses that can carry as many as 50 passengers. Consider a bus with a greater capacity than the size of your group, as this allows more space for supplies, personal items, and wine bottles you might bring back with you. We can provide several party buses if your group is over 50 people. Our buses have limo-style seating, dancing poles, party lights, sound systems with Bluetooth, wet bar areas, and open dance floor designs.

3. Prepare the Supplies You Need 

A party bus winery tour may involve traveling for several hours. Bringing supplies can help make the journey comfortable and enjoyable for your party. Stock up on snacks, drinks, music, and other items people might want during the trip. Bottled water and filling foods can help prevent empty stomachs, potentially allowing wine tasters to sample more wines without feeling sick or sleepy. Consider also adding games like cards or charades to keep the group entertained. 

4. Contribute Toward the Costs Involved

Create a list of everything that costs money, from winery charges and party bus rentals to drinks and food. Calculate the total amount needed to cover the expenses and divide this cost equally among the group members. This helps keep things fair for everyone. Communicate the cost beforehand so everyone knows what to expect before the tour.

5. Plan the Schedule in Advance

Discuss with other group members how much time you need at each winery. This lets you plan the schedule accurately and visit the wineries on time. Consider factors like lunch breaks, travel times between wineries, and other activities with variable time requirements. Include extra time for tasting wines and buying them. That way, you won't have to rush through the tour or miss out on some wineries in case of delays. Once you have a final schedule, share it with everyone, including your party bus driver, so that they can follow it during the trip. 

Choose Lone Star Party Buses for Your Winery Tour

A party bus winery tour allows you to enjoy the company of friends and family while discovering some flavorful wines. Carefully plan your trip, including the desired wineries, buses, food, and music, to help things run smoothly during the journey. Our Lone Star Party Buses are equipped with all the party-worthy amenities for your event, from inward-facing seating to tinted privacy windows. Contact us today to book a suitable party bus for your winery tour.

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