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How To Plan a Party Bus Winery Tour

A party bus winery tour is a unique way to combine the convenience of traveling and the excitement of discovering new wines. You can experience some of the best local vineyards without worrying about driving there yourselves. Lone Star Party Buses provides well-maintained buses and friendly drivers to safely get you to your destination. Here are several steps for planning a party bus winery tour:

1. Determine Your Preferred Wineries To Visit

Since the primary purpose of the party bus winery tour is sampling some great wines, the first step is researching wineries in your region. Let each group member provide suggestions so everyone is comfortable with the chosen wineries. Consider places with a welcoming atmosphere and a variety of wines to allow every person to find something they like. Check if they accommodate large groups and whether they require reservations. Determine the costs of reserving your slots, the times the wineries open, and other aspects specific to each winery. 

2. Choose the Right Bus For Your Group 

Once you have the list of wineries to visit, select a party bus to accommodate everyone comfortably. Consider the group's size and the type of amenities you need. At Lone Star Party Buses, we have party buses that can carry as many as 50 passengers. Consider a bus with a greater capacity than the size of your group, as this allows more space for supplies, personal items, and wine bottles you might bring back with you. We can provide several party buses if your group is over 50 people. Our buses have limo-style seating, dancing poles, party lights, sound systems with Bluetooth, wet bar areas, and open dance floor designs.

3. Prepare the Supplies You Need 

A party bus winery tour may involve traveling for several hours. Bringing supplies can help make the journey comfortable and enjoyable for your party. Stock up on snacks, drinks, music, and other items people might want during the trip. Bottled water and filling foods can help prevent empty stomachs, potentially allowing wine tasters to sample more wines without feeling sick or sleepy. Consider also adding games like cards or charades to keep the group entertained. 

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Choosing the Best Party Bus for Your Birthday Celebration

Birthdays allow you to gather with your closest friends and family, have fun, and create lasting memories. Instead of having a party at home, consider moving your celebration on the road with a party bus. We have well-maintained party buses at Lonestar, equipped with amenities to make your event more exciting. Here are tips for choosing the best party bus for your birthday:

Determine Your Budget

The first step is determining how much you can spend on the party bus rental. Several factors go into the cost of renting party buses, such as the size of the bus, the duration you'll be using it, and any additional amenities you may need. A more luxurious bus may also cost more than a basic one. Once you know your budget, search for options that fit your price range. Consider having a budget with wiggle room to make it work if you find a better bus with a slightly higher price. 

Know How Many People Will Attend 

Your chosen party bus size should be based on the number of people attending your event. You don't want to have everyone squished inside a smaller bus to save money, and you also don't want to waste money by renting a larger bus if only a few people will attend. Make a list of all the guests and decide on a bus size from there. Our party buses at Lonestar accommodate as many as 50 people, so you'll have plenty of room for your friends and family. If you're unsure about the number of attendees, it's best to be cautious and rent a slightly bigger bus. 

Consider the Amenities

When choosing a party bus, you want one with all the features to make your event exciting and memorable. Our party buses have excellent amenities to make your birthday a hit. The limo-style seating is comfortable and allows guests to converse easily throughout the party. The Bluetooth sound system will enable you to play your favorite tunes while dancing poles let you have fun as you show your moves. You can also enjoy multiple party lights, tinted windows for privacy, an open dance floor design, and a wet bar area. These features create an entertaining atmosphere for your birthday party. 

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5 Fun Things To Do on a Party Bus

Lonestar Party Buses come equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems, dancing poles, dancing lights, web bar areas, and other amenities. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, wedding, prom, homecoming, or any other event, everyone can enjoy the experience without worrying about who's driving. At Lonestar, we have well-maintained party buses for hire in Austin, TX. Here are five fun things to do on a party bus for a memorable experience:

1. Play Games

Games can keep individuals entertained throughout the journey. If you'll be on the bus for a while, plan in advance to determine which games would be the most fun. An excellent choice would be a trivia game, where one member can prepare questions about the event's theme and ask the rest of the group. You can divide yourself into groups and compete for a prize, or you can just compete for fun. Other games to consider are card games, board games, charades, telephone, or a scavenger hunt inside the bus.

2. Sing Off

A karaoke session is another exceptional way to liven up your trip. Create a contest and have individuals or groups sing their favorite songs. Carry along your karaoke machine if you have one to make the experience better. You can set a prize for the best singer or group at the end of your trip. Many party buses have top-notch sound systems that allow you to stream songs from your own playlist. Music is always a great way to get the party rolling.

3. Dance Contest

Parties are all about letting loose and having a good time. Dance contests can get everyone moving and energized. Party buses have an open dance floor area, dancing lights, and dancing poles. Choose a music genre and let everyone show off their best dance moves. 

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Can I Use a Party Bus for a Small Group?

Party buses provide a safe and enjoyable way to celebrate various events, from birthdays and proms to weddings. If you need to travel, you might as well travel in style with a party bus. Our buses allow your party to stay together and enjoy the journey to your destination. These buses are perfect for large gatherings, but can also accommodate smaller groups. LoneStar has many buses available for any size party or event. Let us know your plans, and we'll help you choose the perfect bus for you.

Can You Rent a Party Bus for a Small Group?

At LoneStar, we understand that even as a small group of friends or family, you still want to have a great time. As long as you can meet the costs of renting the bus, you can rent one of our party buses and have a blast, no matter how small your group is.

We also have buses in various sizes to accommodate different group sizes. Since you may not need the largest size for a small group, you can save money by renting a smaller bus and still have an incredible time. If you have a very large group, we can even rent several buses to make sure everyone in your party can be involved. Contact us and let us know your event's details, so we can suggest a suitable bus for your needs.

Benefits of Renting Party Buses for Small Groups

1. Intimate Experiences

When you hire a party bus for a smaller group, you can enjoy the privacy and intimacy of having fewer people in a confined space. You can engage in conversations, play games, and connect more closely. It provides a chance for stronger bonding and shared memories. If the bus is hired for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, it's an excellent way to celebrate.

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How To Travel in Style on a Lone Star Party Bus

Party buses allow you and your friends to have fun while traveling to your destination. At Lone Star Party Buses, we provide a fleet of modern buses for any occasion. Our buses have various features, including limo-style seating, state-of-the-art sound systems, dancing poles, light effects, and open dance floor designs. They also have tinted windows for privacy. You can use our buses the next time you travel to a concert, nightclub, wedding, and more.

Tips for Traveling in Style on a Lone Star Party Bus

Our Lone Star Party Buses offer the comfort, luxury, and convenience of a partying venue on the road. Our fleet features buses of different sizes to accommodate a large group or an intimate party. You can use our buses to add flair to your travel plans and enjoy your time with friends and family. Here's how you can travel in style on a Lone Star party bus:

1. Pick Your Party

Lone Star Party Buses offers buses for various parties. We specialize in birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, proms, weddings, homecoming dances, and concerts. Our buses provide plenty of room for dancing and laughing with friends during these events. There's no need to worry about a designated driver for winery tours, bar hopping, and brewery tours. Each bus rental has an experienced driver to transport you to and from your event. Our buses are also available as a unique travel experience for business and corporate events, river tubing trips, boat parties, and more. 

2. Plan Ahead

When planning to travel on a party bus, review your occasion, number of guests, and additional needs like food, drinks, music, and space. Consider whether or not you'll need professional catering to supply appetizers or desserts. We provide a party environment with a wet bar area so that you can customize your food and drink menu. Create a music playlist suitable for the occasion, like romantic music for a wedding party or upbeat music for dancing. You can also bring decorations to maximize your party themes, such as streamers for a birthday bash or selfie photo props for a bachelorette party. Planning allows you to make the necessary accommodations so everyone can have a good time.

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5 Tips for Throwing a Party Bus Dance Party

A party bus dance party allows you to enjoy dancing the night away with friends and ride around town easily — no taxis, no public transport. LoneStar Party Buses offers party buses for hire, serving San Marcos, Austin, and San Antonio. Our vehicles are well-maintained and have experienced, courteous drivers for your safety. Here are some tips for planning a party bus dance party:


1. Determine All Attendees

Knowing the number of people attending the dance party will help you choose an appropriately sized party bus. It can also help you plan for enough drinks and snacks. Send invitations and ask invitees to confirm their attendance early to allow for adequate planning. Find a balance between inviting too many people and not enough people. You don't want to overcrowd the bus, but you also don't want the party to be a bore.


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5 Benefits of Choosing To Rent a Party Bus

Party buses provide a safe and fun way to get around town, and they can add excitement to any special occasion. Lone Star offers well-maintained, reliable, and comfortable transportation in Austin, TX, whether you’re attending a corporate event, birthday party, engagement party, or any other event. Our attentive and friendly chauffeurs will get you to your destination safely and in style.


1. Professional Chaffeurs

Personal driving can be stressful and tedious, especially in unfamiliar areas. It also means no drinking for the designated drivers, which may put a damper on the party. When you rent a party bus, Lone Star provides an experienced and responsible chauffeur to drive you wherever you need. They know their way around the city, so you can relax and enjoy your celebration without worrying about traffic or getting lost.


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Why Lone Star Party Buses Is the Best Bus Rental in Austin

If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to get around town with a group of friends, then a party bus is the perfect solution. Lonestar Party Buses is committed to delivering quality and reliable transportation services. Our services guarantee safety and fun and are a great way to make the right impression on your guests. Here are some reasons why LoneStar Party Buses is the best bus rental for all your group transportation needs in Austin:

They Are Great for Large Parties

It may be challenging to arrange transportation for a party with dozens of people. You may need several cars or minivans, all of which must be coordinated so that everybody departs and arrives at the same time. Party buses can solve your issue because one car might fit your guests. All they have to do is board the bus, and they can all arrive together.

Lonestar Party Buses has a large fleet with 30- and 50-traveler options that can accommodate all sizes of groups. We can accommodate parties of up to 500 people. We can cater to all types of events, including weddings, quinceañeras, pub crawls, fraternity/sorority events, concerts, winery/brewery tours, birthdays,  and bachelor/bachelorette parties. 

They Are Cost Effective

 A party bus is like a mobile nightclub where you can party along the way and make memorable stops, as opposed to the expense of using numerous other modes of transportation. Costs can be kept low because only one vehicle is required, and everyone can contribute to the bus rental.

Our prices at Lonestar Party Bus vary depending on the kind of bus, the number of passengers, the location, and the time of pick-up and drop-off. This information assists us in generating a quote and invoice for your party bus. When you book, you pay a $150 deposit and then pay the balance on the day of your event. Our billing transparency eradicates any hidden or extra charges in the invoice. 

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What Is a Party Bus?

Party buses are the perfect way to celebrate an occasion, or even just hang out on the weekend! It integrates luxurious travels where you save money through carpooling with the best party setup to kick-start your celebration. Understanding how, when, and where to maximize your party bus gives you the best experience.

Choosing the Right Party Bus

At Lonestar Party Bus, we have various buses of different sizes and utilities. Our large fleet of vehicles with 30 and 50-passenger capacity is ready to make your party dreams come true.

Rent our limousine or small party bus if you have a few guests at your party. Go for large buses with 50 passenger capacity for weddings, birthdays, or corporate parties with a large crowd. The price, comfort, and theme of your party help you decide on the appropriate bus to rent. Contact our responsive experts for further advice and recommendation on the party bus to hire.

How Much Is a Party Bus?

At Lonestar Party Bus, our prices vary according to the type of bus, the number of people, pick-up and drop-off time, and location. These details help us to generate a quote and invoice for your party bus. You pay a minimum $150 deposit when booking and pay the balance on your event date.

Our transparency in billing eliminates any hidden or additional charges in the invoice. Our clients' reviews are testimony to our affordable prices and efficient process when facilitating your bus.

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What Events Can I Rent Party Buses for?

If you're organizing an event and want to provide visitors with safe and convenient transportation, party buses are the perfect combination of fun experiences, unique settings, and transportation! They accommodate large groups, allowing everyone to travel together without worrying about parking or designated drivers. Lone Star Party Buses serves San Marcos, Austin, and San Antonio areas with buses perfect for any occasion.

Party Buses Are Perfect For...

Party buses have music systems, bar areas, dancing poles, LED lights, and comfortable seating. The atmosphere in a party bus is unrivaled, ensuring that you stay entertained en route to your destination. There are many types of events that party buses are perfect for. 

Sporting Events

If you've attended sporting events like football, or baseball games, you know traffic and parking are a nightmare. Renting a party bus for you and your friends offers a stress-free solution for getting to and from the game. Tailgate in style while enjoying the company of your friends!


The wedding day is an important day in couples' lives. Logistical elements of that special day are a pain to plan, including transportation of the wedding group! You want your wedding party to arrive for the ceremony and reception on time, and stress-free. Renting buses for your wedding guests will ensure everyone arrives safely, together, and with plenty of time.

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Everything You Need To Know About Party Buses

party buses

Party buses are typical vehicles redesigned to offer a unique traveling experience. They provide a whole new level of excitement as they are equipped with incredible amenities to keep the party going all night long. Here is what you should know about party buses and their amenities.

What Party Buses Are Used For

The primary use of a party bus is to have fun. The party could be of any occasion, including birthday parties, nighttime outings, anniversary parties, office parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, wedding parties, and graduation parties. Many party buses have no restriction on what to bring or do onboard. You can bring food and drink, dance, play music, play games, and have all types of fun. You are also allowed to decorate them with a chic theme and incorporate party-related elements. The buses can be hired for a few hours, a full day, or a whole night depending on the providers and the locality.

Party Bus Capacity

Since these buses come in various sizes, the size of the event and the number of people will help you determine the suitable size to hire. For example, depending on your party size, you may need a small bus for more intimate groups as opposed to a medium-sized party or large party bus.

Features and Amenities

A party bus will supply a comprehensive choice of amenities, which will leave you with an endless stream of memories. Most of the amenities found in these buses include:

  • Flat-screen televisions with DVD players
  • Bathrooms
  • Home entertainment systems with enclosed sound and phone hook-ups
  • Video game systems, minibars, and leather couches
  • Power outlets and Bluetooth compatible audio system
  • Dancing poles
  • Free ice and bottled water
  • Hardwood dance floor, disco lights, smoke machines, and karaoke machines

Safety Features

Party buses are safe modes of transportation as they offer exceptional safety guidelines for all passengers on board. One of the fundamental restrictions is that passengers are not allowed to dance while the buses are moving. Buses are also fitted with seat belts to ensure all passengers stay in place when required. Finally, only skilled drivers with extensive driving experience and who prioritize the safety of passengers operate these buses. 

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